Equity Research Mastercourse Training cum Internship program

This is the Equity Research Mastercourse Training cum Internship program.

In this Equity Research Training cum Internship program we'll train you on 2 Sectors:

Bank Sector

Steel Sector

You'll be learning how to do

1. Equity Research Report Writing
2. Fundamental Analysis
3. Economic Analysis (EIC Analysis)
4. Global Investment research
5. Company result and news analysis etc.
6. Management Analysis
7. 3 Statement Model from Scratch(P&L, Balance sheet & Cash flow statement)
8. How to do the forecasting
9. DCF Valuations & other valuations techniques
10. Business model analysis, EIC Analysis, Trend Analysis
11. Ratio Analysis & Practically learn how everything is done in a company.

For Equity research plus Financial Modelling, valuations & Forecasting refer to our Equity Research Masterclass program.

Training will be provided live online plus there will be recorded sessions.

This Training program comes with a 100% guaranteed Unpaid internship opportunity of 6 weeks(extendable after mutual discussion) at Equivaluesearch where you can practically implement your learning and gain hands on working experience.